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Jay Feder Jewelers will relieve all your worries. Learn, compare and see first hand everything you'll need to know to make purchasing diamonds a pleasant and rewarding experience. Since 1979 Jay Feder Jewelers has been the leading Denver diamond jewelers, creating a unique jewelry store built on client referrals. If our name is new to you, just ask your friends. The family diamond tradition continues with Jay and Celia's son, Marc. Insuring that not only are we here for you today, but we will be here to serve your future needs as well. You will be pleased you found us if you are in the market for a diamond. We guarantee you'll be satisfied. Our reputation depends on it!


This Weeks Featured Yelp Review 

What can be said about Jay Feder that hasn't already been said here? It really is that good.  My fiancée came here to buy my engagement ring and I LOVE it.  Bryan worked with Avi to find the most beautiful diamond and place it in a custom setting. He even got to look at the CAD drawings, make comments, and ensure that every single detail about the ring was perfect. Jay Feder has also made the engagement rings for my best friend and my sister-in-law, and the rings are works of art.  

Bryan was so happy with his experience that he brought in an old piece of his grandmother's jewelry to fashion into a bracelet and a ring for me.  He was so excited to introduce me to Avi, I knew that we would be long-time customers of this jeweler. Avi now shines up my ring before every special occasion to make sure it always looks as beautiful as possible. 

Believe the hype and all the 5-star reviews.  You'll be happy you did.

-Heather from Denver, CO 


Summertime..... The perfect time for engagements.

June 16, 2015

 Come check out the well crafted rings from Verragio, at our downtown Denver location.  What is better than a summer engagement?

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