My wife and I had to get our two wedding rings fixed and came here due to the reviews. We were not disappointed. Natalie, our specialist, was very professional and knowledgeable. The rings were resized and repaired to perfection. Equally important, the service was done on time and at a fair price. JF has won our loyalty. Finding a jeweler you can trust is paramount. JF is such a jeweler. Highly recommended!


I Had a Little Mini Tantrum Yesterday

February 05, 2015

As I had a little mini tantrum yesterday about how overwhelmed I was at work (hence the lack of posts) I was reminded (yes I work with a bunch of comedians who think they're oh so hilarious ) that at least some of the stacks we deal with are way more enjoyable than the stacks of work on our desks!

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A Big Thank You!

January 28, 2015

So we've heard some little birdies chirping about how JFJ contests are all made up and how we really don't give anything away... Introducing the very real very adorable and very sweet @estiweinberger winner of our earring giveaway!

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