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Our Promise To You

Jay Feder Jewelers will relieve all your worries. Learn, compare and see first hand everything you'll need to know to make purchasing diamonds a pleasant and rewarding experience. Since 1979 Jay Feder Jewelers has been the leading Denver diamond jewelers, creating a unique jewelry store built on client referrals. If our name is new to you, just ask your friends. The family diamond tradition continues with Jay and Celia's son, Marc. Insuring that not only are we here for you today, but we will be here to serve your future needs as well. You will be pleased you found us if you are in the market for a diamond. We guarantee you'll be satisfied. Our reputation depends on it!


Featured Yelp Review 

    "What else can I say but that if you want an engagement ring, or anything to do with diamonds, this is the only place you need to consider. From the minute I walked in I was blow away. The space is beautiful and well organized, I was greeted warmly and offered a drink while waiting for someone to be free to talk to-I only waited a couple minutes, and my two friends who came with me were treated just as nicely. I was lucky enough to work with Natalie on picking out the engagement band and then the diamond that would go in it. She didn't rush me at all and after the process of picking the band was complete we sat down to talk about diamonds. I did my research beforehand but there's nothing like actually being there.

     Natalie talked me through the important pieces of selecting a diamond, what causes the price to be higher or lower, and how the GIA rating/certification system works. Then we went through a series of diamonds to compare and contrast quality and pricing. I could tell from the beginning that this was not the sales push you would get at any other jeweler. For Natalie, it was about helping ME pick a diamond that I would be happy with and proud of giving to the girl I love that fit within my budget range, not about selling me the most expensive diamond possible. This is the only place I will ever recommend to my friends in the Denver area, and it was worth the 2 hour drive for me hands down. I'll definitely be back for our wedding bands.

   If you want a great experience with a well trained, GIA certified, knowledgable, friendly, and personable staff, this is the only Jewelry store you need to consider."

-Timothy F. from Denver, CO